About Me

This page can go many different ways, so consider this an organic document.

My name is Aaron Griffin. I was born on June 1st, 1982. I went to school for Computer Engineering, and am currently employed as a coder/developer.

Well, that's the boring part. Lets move on to one of the reasons you may be on this page.

I am currently the project lead / figure head / overlord of the ArchLinux linux distribution. This means that I try to control the direction that the rest of the packagers and developers on the project go in, and sometimes I even succeed.

While my free time is mostly consumed with ArchLinux related tasks, I also have a handful of other fairly regular habits: Watching (too many) movies, backpacking, gaming, and a slew of other things.

This blog is maintained by my small app, named pyrus, which generates static HTML from plain-text files. Expect to see the code here soon.

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